A menu of support….

PlanSupport aims to help you keep your costs down. The now well established power to create Neighbourhood Plans is a golden opportunity for local communities to exert controls over planning in their area…but it can involve new costs that many local councils aren’t prepared for, and which can easily begin to mount rapidly.

PlanSupport therefore offers a ‘menu’ of support, so that you can pick and chose according to your needs. For example, a Neighbourhood Plan team may be lucky enough to recruit a volunteer who is an experienced Project Manager from the construction or manufacturing industry, whose skill can be applied to managing the Plan process. On the other hand, the same team may not be knowledgeable about community engagement techniques, which PlanSupport could help with. Or it may be that you only want help with the technical writing of your proposed policies.

Or perhaps you could benefit from an off-the-shelf package of support, designed to get you through specific stages of the Neighbourhood Plan process at a sensible cost.

It may be that your team lacks volunteer support to carry out a specific task or group of tasks, in which case PlanSupport could take them on for you.

Alternatively, you may choose to have a more comprehensive service, where PlanSupport assists throughout the process and becomes far more deeply involved as part of your Neighbourhood Plan Team.

After a free initial meeting, PlanSupport will prepare a straightforward and sensible support proposal for your consideration, picking up only what is essential and practical in your local context.

It will also be affordable. Its not our aim to become millionaires at community expense!

For the list of what we can offer, see: Range of services