Fees and Costs

It’s amazing how many consultants won’t reveal their hand on charges and costs until later in the appointment process, when they have got a degree of commitment out of you. We reckon you’ll want to know right up front, so here goes:

PlanSupport Costs are based on a standard fee of £400 per consultants day [which is never less than 7 hours]

Copying and other similar costs are charged at cost.

Travel to your location (i.e. the ‘travel to work’) will not be charged in the hourly fee, nor will there be a mileage claim.

Travelling to meetings beyond the normal travel to work range within Cornwall and Devon will not be charged in the hourly fee, but mileage will be charged out at the HMRC rate of 45p per mile. If any overnight stays are required then the cost of a reputable local B&B will be acceptable.

If you are seeking a more comprehensive service, we can act as your Project Manager for a negotiated fee which will usually charge out at less than £46.50 per hour.  The usual arrangement would be for a set number of days on-site and/or remote per month for a fixed period, with extension subject to renegotiation of fees.


Support Package A, Beginnings. £400

Support Package B, Laying the Foundations. £1000

Support Package C, From Capacity to Action £1000

Support Package D, From Action to Direction and Content £1750


Advice on the drafting of Terms of Reference for Neighbourhood Plan teams £200

Creation of realistic Project Plan, Risk Assessment, Equalities Statement and monitoring process. £600

Preparing Engagement and Consultation Strategy including short demographic analysis £800

Creating and maintaining a website and social media such as Facebook and Twitter for two years £1,000

Preparation of publicity and engagement materials £400

Attendance at drop in sessions with community £400 per day

Policy writing training session £750

Preparation of evidence base £400 per day

Facilitating visioning event and follow up report £1500

Writing of Neighbourhood Plan policies and proposals £400 per day

Preparation of sustainability checklist for screening opinion £800

Preparation of Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement £400per day


Project managing a broad Neighbourhood Plan for a market town of 10,000 population. £15,500

Project managing a limited scope Neighbourhood Plan for a rural Parish. £6,500

Please note: these terms may need to be revised in the future if our cost-base changes.